Top Ways to Prevent Substance Abuse

drug abuseDrug or substance abuse continues to creep into our lives. It is an ongoing problem in many communities and affects people of all ages and from all walks of life. There is no one-time solution to end the illicit use of drugs, but many reasonable measures lessen the impact of sweeping this menace.

Drug addiction and dependence can happen to anyone who uses any substance that alters their mood. There are measurable actions we can take to prevent drug abuse. People who have a mental disorder or addiction should take precaution to prevent any abuse.

Here are simple tips one can follow, to reduce their chance of developing a drug problem.

1. Effectively deal with peer pressure

Standing for what you believe even when everyone else is doing something different may prove to be the hardest test ever. It is not only hard for teens, but for adults too. The biggest reason the youth start using drugs is due to peer pressure from their friends.

An individual’s zeal to fit in a certain group is among the route causes of drug use. Most people who started using drugs got into the habit through initiation by their friends. Choose the right people to hang with. The right people are those who share your values and are ready to protect and respect your principles.

2. Consistent Education

To lower the use and desire of drug abuse among the society, we need to send people the right messages. Drug prevention programs should be instituted by our schools, community group and government agencies.

We need to educate our society on the vices and effects that substance abuse brings to the human life. Education is the first biggest step towards creating a drug-free society. We also need to understand the problems substance abusers face so that we can look at mitigation for such problems. That way, we shall be closing avenues that make the society vulnerable to drug use.

3. Understand How Addiction Develops

alcoholismLet us face the truth -you would not wish to take a drug and end up being an addict. It all develops as fun. Teenagers may get into the game by starting with a cigarette, moving to inhalers and finally alcohol. The person involved begins to use drugs regularly without knowing where it could lead them.

At the next level, it becomes for the person affected to carry out their regular responsibilities without the influence of the substance. At such stage, you may experience different health deterioration such as gum disease, loss of weight, loss of appetite, among others. A person may lose interest in self-hygiene, may lose friends and family.

4. Find the Support You Need

Some past events may affect your peace and make you distressed. People who are going through an emotional distress and hard time in life are highly liked to get involved into to drug abuse if they lack the right coping skills.

If you feel you have depression, paranoia, anxiety or other forms of mental illness, you should seek the intervention of spiritual organizations or social communities to help you eliminate the negativism facing your life. The problem of using drugs while having a mental disorder is that it makes it worse.

5. Abstain

Abstaining from the abuse of drugs is the best way to prevent the effects of drugs and its addiction. Some drugs are highly addictive and once someone gets addicted, liberating themselves from such chains becomes difficult.

Those experiencing peer pressure and depression may not be able to get out of drug menace. Complete abstinence from drug use can take a lot of skill and willpower. You need to define your standards and principles and stand for what you are worth.

6. Deal With Life Pressure

We are living in a busy and stressing life – and that is its nature. We are all bound to find some storm at some point in our life. It can be a messy divorce, loss of loved ones, loss of job, name them. When you are facing such times, your mind should never think of going the drug-way.

Do not reward yourself with a drug. Drugs only make life more stressful, but most people come to realize it when it is very late. To prevent using drugs when faced with hard life, we need to discover new ways to handle stress, as further discussed in this blog.

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