5 Good Reasons to Quit Using Drugs Today

no drugsThe process of making up your mind to stop the use of drugs is a big step. Drug addiction makes you afraid of what will happen if you do not keep taking drugs. Drug use may start out of fun and recreation, but with time, it may take over other parts of your life until it becomes difficult to address. When a person is struggling with addiction, the best thing they can do with their life is to quit drugs. Abandoning the use of drugs may not be easy, but it can be achieved through counselling and rehabilitation. If you are battling an addiction, below are good reasons you should quit drugs.

1. You’ll be healthier

There is no drug out there without some harmful effects on your health. The exact adverse effects vary by drug due to its substances. Painkillers and heroin suppress the action of lungs, and this can result to pneumonia, tuberculosis or abscesses. Marijuana causes changes to the brain same as those that occur with schizophrenia. Methamphetamine is extremely hard to your body, especially the brain and nervous system. The heavy use of alcohol and drugs lead to extreme body malfunctions, malnutrition and weight loss.

2. You will reduce the risk of death

dependenceMost of the drugs on the market today can cause death the first time you try them. Others have a damaging long-term effect. Cocaine is quite stressful on the arteries and heart and can trigger a severe heart attack or cardiac arrest. Alcohol can increase the risk of accident, or kill by an overdose. Any form of opiate can cause a fatal overdose. Use of synthetics like ecstasy can cause your body to overheat, resulting in an organ breakdown. If you need to have a better chance of survival and long life, stop picking up drugs in the streets.

3. Improved Mental Health

To have a better memory, reasoning and decision-making, you need to quit use of drugs. If you have any underlying mental disorder, drugs and alcohol will worsen your condition. Other drugs can cause drug-induced psychosis. Over time, these drugs change the structure of the brain. They can alter your personality and trigger mental issues. The only way to stay safe from mental degradation is to avoid the complete use of drugs. Engage your mind in meaningful activities and stay healthy.

4. Regain Your Freedom

Most drugs are illegal. Buying them or possessing them will get you arrested. Driving under the influence of drugs is another serious problem. When in DUI, you might be involved in vandalism, assault or theft, all of these can easily land you in jail. If you were under the influence and committed these offenses with some involvement of violence, be assured to face prison life. When you are in possession of drugs, you are deprived of your freedom to leave at ease with everyone. The only way to live in peace and harmony with your soul is to quit drugs use.

5. Reflect About your Life

Think about what you need to achieve with your life. Your health, your freedom, your spouse, your children, your dreams, goals and reputation. Reason out the mess that drugs have set you in. The costs involved in the procurement of drugs, the possible violence involved to keep up with a drug-laden life. It all doesn’t add up. Your freedom and long life lie in quitting drugs today.

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