Common Causes of Crime and Criminal Behavior

Crime Detention Arrest Police HandcuffsThe prediction and prevention of an offense is based on knowledge of its causes. Over the last few decades, limitless efforts in both theory and research have contributed to elucidating the possible causes and pattern of crime. To best rehabilitate offenders, we need to study their criminal mind and understand how likely they are offended.

Studies have shown we have many causes of crime. Let us look at some of the underlying contributing factors.

1. Parental Relations

Children who are abused and neglected are more likely to commit crime at a particular stage in their life. Sexual abuses during childhood often lead these individuals to become sexual offenders in their adult life. Many inmates on death row often have a life to tell, in what happened during their childhood.

2. Heredity and Brain Activity

The human brain controls all that we think and act. Studies have shown that criminals experience less brain reaction to dangerous situations than most people do. Damage to the brain could lead to adverse effects on one’s rational behavior. Individuals with fewer neurochemicals such as serotonin tend to have higher chances of aggression.

3. Hormones

CriminalHormones affect how our bodily organs coordinate and function. Research has looked at the relationship between criminal behavior and the levels and distribution of our hormones. Higher cortisol leads to more glucose in the brain hence greater energy. Studies have also shown that there are higher levels of testosterone and aggressive behavior.

4. Education

Based on sociological theories, we can deduce that a higher percentage of inmates in prison have shallow educational levels. Most of the crimes committed by those with such educational standards include robbery, automobile theft, burglary, shoplifting, drug trafficking and related offenses.

Employment at a minimum wage could help deter crime. For people to have some form of employment, they need to be educated. We can thus say one way of effectively fighting crime in our society is through teaching our children.

5. Peer Influence

An individual’s peer group has a significant influence on the decisions and actions they take. Researchers have found that youth abandon schoolmates in favor of criminal gangs, due to the desire of the life their influences live. Criminal gangs mostly focus on easy life, material gains and get rich quick. Youths joining criminal gangs are enticed by these acts of life.

6. Drug and Alcohol

Drugs and alcohol abuse is a great contributing factor to crime and a lot of vices we have in the society. There is the urge to commit a crime to support a drug habit. Both alcohol and drugs impair judgement, reduce inhibitions and give one greater courage to commit a crime.

Victims of unfair, unjust and incorrect ruling in court often cause people to enter a criminal life. People who get wrongly accused of having committed a crime and convicted in a court of law may ultimately lead them to perform the actual crime at a given state in their life. Other causes of crime include depression, social and mental disorders. Additionally, regionalism is another leading cause of crime and unrest among people.


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