The society we live is laden with lots of challenges. It is no longer safe to go about our normal routines at some locations particularly late at night. There is no doubt our society is becoming more and more violent. Crimes, in whatever form happens to have an adverse impact on the community.

Crime can be tempting – easy money, respect and being part of a group, are the primary factors that drive the youth into crime. Many people start doing drugs and get involved in crime because they think they have nothing to lose.

Some families, neighborhoods, nations and cultures produce more criminals than others. Different reasons contribute to this habit, including racial discrimination, unemployment, poor schools, permissiveness, drugs, TV violence, broken families, poverty, the decline in religion, ineffective judicial systems and many others.

We have come up with this blog to address the issues of crime and violence. Many people have their theories when it comes to what makes up a criminal. Some of these theories are based on first-hand information or experience. Others are based on unfortunate circumstances such as racism and prejudice, while other causes have been known as a result of research and scientific studies.

The Human Brain’s Work in Crime Control

The part of the brain associated with emotions is called Amygdala. Studies show that damage to Amygdala can have an adverse effect on the affected, leading to criminal behavior. Any person whose emotional brain section is affected may experience the urge to commit a crime.

Another interesting part of the brain is Hippocampus – a section where used for memory storage. Any damage to Hippocampus could mean we do not remember being punished for our crimes and thus we would do such crimes again. The Frontal Cortex part of the brain relates to our self-control. Once damaged, we may lack self-control leading to criminal habits.

Aside from brain damage and its relation to crime, we are going to look at different cybercrimes and their preventive mechanisms expansively. We shall equally look at how to manage and cope with stress and depression, addictions, peer pressure and drugs. We shall also look at ransoms and kidnapping, and how we can stay safe from such unfortunate incidents.

Peer pressure and hard life are leading causes of crime-laden life. When poverty strikes and the young generation becomes hopeless, this desperation is easily converted to crime. Other get involved in crime for the fun of it, while other – such as hackers, get into the dark world due to their knowledge of programming and desire to get rich quick.

There is need to live a crime free life and enjoy all the goodness that comes with it. No one is perfect, but we can certainly live a positive life. There is need to have a positive attitude when faced with challenges. We need to rid our life of negativity. We need to appreciate what we have and never compare ourselves with others. For those who would like to live a positive life away from crime, they have to drop the resentment withing and live in the moment.